pawlett-school-icon Welcome to Pawlett Primary School


Pawlett Primary School is situated between Bridgwater and Burnham in a rural setting. It moved to its present site in the 1970’s. Prior to that era it was situated next to our local church and has a history that dates back over two hundred years.

Pawlett has recently enjoyed some building developments, but it remains a small village which continues to value its school. Several families choose to send their children to a village school who have grandparents or other family connections in the village but who live in more urban areas. These links bring a richness and diversity to our school which we value. It also enables us to have stronger links with the local community which are mutually beneficial.

We are committed to the ideal of a partnership in education between home and school and, to this end, prospective parents are invited to visit the school and meet the staff and children. Current parents play a supportive role in their children’s education by becoming actively involved in school events and activities.

At present children between the ages of 4 and 11 attend Pawlett School which is a small rural one. There are three classes in the school organised as follows:

Class 1: Reception, Year 1 and Year 2
Class 2: Year 3 & Year 4
Class 3: Year 5 & Year 6

The class organisation each year depends on numbers. In the event of change parents are informed of the likely changes and a forum is held to discuss the matter during the start of the summer term for implementation in the following September.

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