Celebrating achievements

Achievement Assembly 31st March

Naomi and Rory

Corey, Grace, Mackenzie and Will

Emily, Laila, Ebony, Kaitlyn, Kiera and Grace

Kaitlyn and Archie

Tom, Lily, Rory,Naomi and Harriette

Joshua and Harriette

Ruby, Emily, Jamie, Laila, Ellie-Anne, Alexander,
Thomas MS and Timothy
Leo, Seth and Ava B



Owen, Harry, Henry and Corey

Thomas MS


Achievement Assembly 2nd March
The following children have been awarded 5 bonus house points for 100% attendance and being at school on time during January:
Ellie-Ann, Jonas, Seth, Thomas, Ava, Luca, Corey, Paige,
Henry, Mackenzie, Lexie, Naomi, Timothy, Ava, Joshua, Kaitlyn,
Kiera, Daniel, Emily, Toby, Will, Laila, Rory, Thomas M,
Alfie, Ava P, Maddison, Thomas Q, Harriette, Dylan, Jamie, Owen,
Leo, Lauren, Harry, Liam and Ezmae.
Congratulations to all who received an award today in Achievement Assembly today.

MATHS – Reasoning and Explanation – Jamie, Laila, Owen, Rory, Tom B, Will, Grace, Mackenzie
SCIENCE – Good knowledge & understanding – Daniel, Jack
SCIENCE – Good effort & improvement – Maison, Paige, Seth
HOMEWORK – Great Effort! – Thomas M, Harriette, Naomi, Will
WORKING WITH OTHERS TO HELP THEIR LEARNING – Ebony, Laila, Harry, Jamie, Emily, Timothy, Will, Tom B, Mackenzie, Rory
READING COMPREHESION – Rueban, Henry, Leo, Leighton, Johnny
DETERMINATION TO ACHIEVE – Thomas M, Connie, Kiera, Archie, Harriette
SPECIAL HELPER – Emily, Lily, Rory, Will, Grace, Kaitlyn, Kiera, Laila, Harry, Ebony
SUPERSTAR AWARD – Maddison, Alex, Lexie, Davie
HEADTEACHER AWARD – Naomi, Owen, David

Achievement Assembly 25th January
Congratulations to the following children who were recognised during our Achievement Assembly on Wednesday 25th January:
Collaborative Work Certificate, awarded to Henry, Leighton, Tom Q, Owen, Ebony, Timothy, Emily, Laila, Thomas MS, Jamie, Leo, Harry, Tom B, Johnny, Luca, Naomi, Lily, Joshua, Archie, Harriette, Lauren, Liam, Grace, Mackenzie, Kaitlyn, Kiera, Will and Rory.

Art Award Certificate, awarded to Ellie-Ann, Lexie, Brooke, Ava Rose, Toby, Milly, Alfie, Ava P, Maddison, Dylan, Ezmae, Seth, Maison, Paige, David, Kyran, Rueben, Mya, Jonas, Keelan, Ruby, Jack, Daniel, Oscar, Samuel, Ava B, Corey, Henry, Leighton, Thomas Q, Owen, Ebony, Timothy, Emily, Laila, Thomas MS, Jamie, Leo, Harry, Tom B, Johnny, Luca, Naomi, Connie, Lily, Joshua, Archie, Harriette, Lauren, Liam, Grace, Mackenzie, Kaitlyn, Kiera, Will and Rory for their excellent work during Art Week.

Great Effort with Mental Maths and Problem Solving, awarded to Tom B, Rory, Mackenzie, Harriette and Naomi.

Cheerfulness Award for Giving Away Great Smiles, awarded to Kaitlyn, Jack, Jamie and Owen.

Head Teacher’s Award for Determination to Succeed, awarded to Connie.

Certificates for 100% Attendance during December
awarded to:
Ellie-Ann, Jonas, Tom B, Johnny, Luca, Ebony, Keelan, Mackenzie, Ezmae, Naomi, Timothy, Brooke, David, Kyran, Lily, Ruby, Daniel, Emily, Laila, Rory, Oscar, Sam, Tom MS, Archie, Millie, Alfie, Ava P, Dylan, Jamie, Owen, Leo, Lauren, Harry and Liam.

Achievement Assembly Friday 16th December
House Point Awards:
Kiera, Liam, Emily, Leo, Lily, Jamie, Thomas Q, Keelan, Oscar, Ava G, Toby, Ava P and Ezmae.
Contribution in making our KS2 Christmas Show a Success:
Luca, Liam, Johnny, Archie, Tom B, Joshua, Naomi, Harriette, Lauren, Lily, Mackenzie, Rory, Will, Kaitlyn, Kiera, Grace, Jamie, Henry, Owen, Tom Q, Leighton, Ebony, Laila, Emily, Harry, Leo, Timothy, Thomas MS.
Award for Superb Collaborative Work:
Rory, Mackenzie, Will, Grace.
Certificate for Determination to Achieve:
Sam, Daniel, David, Owen, Harriette, Kaitlyn.
Special Christmas Production Award:
Lauren, Joshua.
Special Helper – Christmas Production:
Kiera, Kaitlyn.
Special Helper – Christmas Production Management:
Grace, Will, Rory, Mackenzie.
Certificate for Making Good Progress in Mental Arithmatic:
Owen, Leighton, Henry, Harry, Tom Q, Thomas MS, Leo, Jamie, Timothy, Ebony, Emily, Laila.
Head Teachers Special Award:
Liam Thomas, for his enthusiasm, contribution and dedication to our Christmas Production.

Achievement Assembly Wednesday 30th November
Eco Awards: Mackenzie, Rory, Harry, Emily
Perseverance in Reading Awards: Jack, Rueben, Leighton
Perseverance in 55 Club Awards: Laila, Kaitlyn, Joshua, Lauren
Special Helper Awards: Millie, Maddison, Lily, Kaitlyn, Kiera
Literacy Awards: Ellie-Ann, Lexie, Brooke, Ava G, Toby, Millie, Alfie, Ava P, Maddison, Dylan, Ezmae
Phonics Awards: Jack, Seth, Maison, Mya, Kyran
Maths Award: Maison
Headteacher’s Award: Millie

Achievement Assembly Wednesday 19th October
Well done to the following children who were celebrated in Wednesday’s Achievement
For Academic Endeavour: Grace, Kiera, Harriette, Naomi, Jamie, Lily and Rory
For Excellence in Art: Will, Mackenzie, Joshua, Timothy, Kaitlyn, Kiera, Laila, Ebony,
Jamie, Thomas MS, Tom Q and Henry
For Superb Collaborative Work: Naomi, Lauren, Lily, Grace, Kiera, Kaitlyn, Rory, Will and Tom B
For Determination to Achieve: Grace, Rory, Harriette and Naomi
Sports Awards: Keelan, Kaitlyn and Archie
Special Helper: Harry, Ebony, Lily
Special Assembly Helper Year 6: Rory, Will, Mackenzie, Grace, Kiera, Kaitlyn
Super Worker in Geography: Tom B, Owen, Naomi
English Award: Will, Liam, Grace, Naomi, Harriette
Maths Award: Lauren, Tom B, Harriette, Lily, Kaitlyn
French Award: Laila, Emily
Head Teacher’s Award: Rory, Keelan
Phonics: Lexie, Toby, Ava G, Alfie, Maison
Science: David, Rueben Improvement: David
Homework Award: Keelan Homework Award for Spellings: Keelan
Award for Perseverance and Never Giving Up: Ava P

Achievement Assembly 15th July 2016
Congratulations to Maison who has been awarded a certificate for growing in self-confidence this academic year!
The following children achieved personalised spelling targets of 80%:
Ruby Henry Timothy Mackenzie Kiera Will Rory
The following children achieved personalised spelling targets of 90%:
Keelan, Sam, Tom Q, Laila, Harry S, Tom B, Luca, Harriette, Liam, Charlotte and Ebony.
The following children achieved personalised spelling targets of 95%:
Niamh and Grace S
The following children achieved personalised spelling targets of 100%:
Naomi and Aaliyah
Swimming Achievements Summer 2016
Name Metres Name Metres
Luca 15 Liam 150
Thomas MS 20 Tom 150
Naomi 25 Ebony 150
Johnny 25 Kiera 150
Kaitlyn 25 Harriette 200
Joshua 50 Grace A 200
Emily 50 Mackenzie 200
Lauren 75 Will 250
John 150 Harry B 350
Laila 400 Grace S 450
Aaliyah 500 Rory 500
Charlotte 500
Daniel Maison
Naomi Aaliyah
Overall House Point winners for this term!


Congratulations to the following children for 100% attendance in May
Jonas Seth Tom Harry B Johnny Maison Luca Aaliyah Ebony Niamh
Keelan Mackenzie Naomi Timothy David Kaden Joshua Jack Kaitlyn Kiera Leighton Daniel Emily Will Laila Rory Dante Sam Archie Tom Q
Charlotte Harriette Jamie John Owen Leo Grace S

The following pupils have been recognised for the following achievements today:
English Award –
Great Writing This Month Kyran, Keelan and David
Fantastic Effort –
Excellent Effort with Reading Leo, Luca and Liam
Maths Award –
Continued Good Effort with Number Bonds Jack and Tom Q
Maths Award –
Continued Good Effort with 55 Club Timothy, Emily, Jamie, Laila, Johnny, Lily, Grace A and Joshua
Maths Award –
Continued High Achievement Working Through 55 Club Tom, Naomi, Harriette, Rory, Mackenzie, Aaliyah, John, Dante, Grace S and Niamh Charlotte Maths Award –
Outstanding Effort Louis
Fantastic Effort –
Great Concentration in Terms 5 and 6 Sam, Daniel, Ruby, Tom, Owen, Leighton, Henry, Emily, Lauren, Lily, Rory, Louis, Niamh, Grace S, John,Charlotte, Aaliyah and Harry
Puppet Show Award
Niamh, Dante, Naomi and Ebony
Art Award –
Outstanding Work in June
Timothy, Naomi and Harry
Super Worker –
Excellent Effort in Terms 5 and 6
Laila, Ebony and Harriette
Super Listener –
Listening Well in Assembly
David, Kaden,Kyran,Seth, Mya, Jack, Ruby, Keelan, Daniel, Rueben, Sam, Jonas, Kiera and Kaitlyn
Super Speller –
Continued Good Results in Weekly Tests
Laila, Timothy, Tom, Naomi, Charlotte, Aaliyah and Niamh
Good Written Work
Harry S, Ebony, Thomas MS, Will and Grace S


Well done to the following pupils who received certificates today.

Starting Number Bonds & Spelling
Mya Kaden David Seth Maison Kyran

Timothy Jack

Jonas Tom B Grace A Mackenzie Laila Harry B
Aaliyah Charlotte Rory Grace S
Making Links Across Subjects
Sam Will Grace S Tom B Grace A
Naomi Aaliyah Grace S Charlotte Leo Kaitlyn
Special Helper
John Lily Harriette Rory Niamh Ebony

Super Science
Luca Jamie John Will Lily Grace S

Headteacher Award – Book Day Poster
Ebony Emily Aaliyah Naomi

Congratulations to everyone who managed 100% attendance in February!
Tom B Luca B Harry B Maison B
Aaliyah C Ebony C Niamh C Keelan C
Naomi F Timothy F David G Kaden H
Kaitlyn H Kiera H Emily J Rory K
Sam M Thomas MS Archie NM Tom Q
Charlotte R Harriette R Jamie R John R
Owen R Leo S Grace S Lauren S
Liam T Mya TG Louis W

ACHIEVEMENT ASSEMBLY Friday 27th November 2015


Well done to the following pupils who received certificates today.

All reception children received a Headteacher Sticker.


Sam Headteacher Award Grace S Headteacher Award


Kiera Independent Work Laila Great Maths Homework
Rory Environmental Work Niamh Environmental Work
Mackenzie Environmental Work Harry Environmental Work


The following children have been awarded 5 bonus house points for 100% attendance and being at school on time during October:


Harry B Johnny B Maison B Ebony C
Henry C Niamh C Keelan C Naomi F
Timothy F David G Kaden H Kyran H
Lily H Ruby H Joshua H Daniel J
Emily J Laila K Sam M Archie N
Charlotte R Harriette R Jamie R John R
Owen R Grace S Liam T


Punky Drawing Competition

Once again there were some great entries into the competition – please look on our Website and Facebook to see them.

Well done to everyone who entered.

The  children below entered the competition and were awarded small prizes on Friday 6th November.

Congratulations to the winners for each class who were: Daniel, Naomi and Charlotte.

Special Congratulations to Kiera who was the overall winner of the competition.

Certificates will be awarded to all entrants at the Achievement Assembly the end of term.

Axe Class

Class 1

Brue Class

Class 2

Parrett Class

Class 3

Daniel Naomi Kiera
Jack Hariette Charlotte
Henry Emily Kaitlyn
Sam Laila Aaliyah
Leo Niamh



What a fantastic array of carnival carts we have received this year.  Thank you to all who took part.  All entrants will receive a small prize.   Congratulations in particular to:


Daniel Harriette Charlotte John, Jamie & Owen

October Achievement Assembly Awards

Owen Head teacher Award Head teacher Award


Aaliyah Setting an Example Charlotte Setting an Example
Grace S Setting an Example Niamh Setting an Example
Rory Setting an Example Naomi Setting an Example
Ebony Setting an Example Timothy Excellent Effort
Harry B Excellent Effort Johnny Excellent Effort
Leo Excellent Effort Harriette Excellent Effort
Archie Excellent Effort Lily Excellent Effort
John Excellent Effort Louis Excellent Effort
Jonas Mathematics Jack Excellent Effort
Henry Handwriting Jonas Art
Maison Well Behaved Ruby Good Example
Kiera Mathematics Niamh Mathematics


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